Tick Tock Tick Tock

Time flies when the mindfulness does not pay attention to the current events of the situation. Since the world seems blindly turning its cheek to the other and not minding its attention to what’s in front of it. It’s time for next revolution to start.

The time for talking is over, the time for status quo is over, the time for dialogue is over, the time for action is now. We need to mobilize, stand up to the current Israeli regime that’s hell-bent on ethnic cleansing of the ingenious people of Palestine.  Obviously, I’m not advocating any type of violence rather I’m advocating for a revolution of a new kind, the online revolution utilizing the media, the power the keyboard, the power of the internet, and that does not harm a single human soul be it Palestinian Christian, Muslim, or Jewish and Israeli Christian, Muslim, or Jewish.

Under no circumstances should these words be misconstrued for advocating the killing of another human being rather use the power of the media to voice the opinion to world.

When a government allows the people, it occupies to accept the abuse without consequences towards the abuser, this is a war crime. When an occupying power is constantly demolishing villages under occupation and replacing it with Jewish identity and villages, this is a war crime. When the current government of Israel consistently violates international law, this is a war crime. When an innocent lady that’s visiting a holy site and intentionally tripped and shot for supposably having a knife, this an execution and a blatant violation international law.

When a 4 year old child is stripped searched, detained, and arrested in Hebron, this a WAR CRIME. When the world accepts everything that supposably the only democratic government of the middle east does, this is what we normal human beings call a violation of common sense and illogical. Illogical in the sense is how can a 4 year old child be detained? A 4 year old kid! What harm has this child done other than uses his common sense in identifying what’s inherently wrong with the world of today.

The world leaders that continue appeasing Israel at the expense of the Palestinians should be charged with WAR Crimes under the UN convention rules of engagement. The UN is supposed to protect its member however as of late, it’s being selective as to whom they deem needing protection.  The world of today that continues sacrificing the Palestinians is much like the Germans of 1941 and ethnic cleansing the Jewish people from Europe. Do we see an irony and pattern here?  The oppressed of yesterday is now the oppressor of today who’s main agenda is that of Adolf Hitler and has a group of blind followers that mimic the 3rd Reich.  How’s that for irony?

History repeated itself from the victims of yesterday and now the target is the Arab population of Israel and the occupied Palestinian people.


Attrition simply means that you’re losing more than you think the value of the objects is worth by not letting go completely.  What does that even mean? In the contexts of the things going on around us. We have the elements of World War’s igniting in every corner of the Middle East today.

The act of asking questions at the right time is important and means that you can’t ask the right questions at the wrong time? Does that make sense when someone gets offended from asking questions that leads to the truth instead of the masking of the situation of what’s going on.

The one thing I’ve not done in the longest time is write about the events of what’s going on. The various things that has happened and have not happened or did happened. Does that make any sense? What has happened? Will there’s lots of things but sometimes its best to not start anywhere and just simply move on and let things be.

Does the act of letting things be or letting go means you’re giving up or running away. Nonsense, it simply means reevaluating your options and focusing your energy, time, resources, and attention in more beneficial situations.

Ask Status:

Next Step:

How Long:

Action Plan:

Target Date:

Outcome Expected:

Actual Outcome:


When is it enough? When is it over? When do we actually enjoy a full night of sleep without the worries and constant badgering of the wolves around you? Where are the voices that beat to the drum of peace yet insist on the status quo? Will the path to peace be through  US or will be it through social contracts looking to create a truly people centric society that instils education, art, sciences, math, creativity, sports, and other aspirations?

The critics that speak stories of the past as if it’s easy to erase the damage at our expense without compensating or at the very least define the parameters of the dictated terms under the so call peace agreements. The peace agreements that’s failed us for decades, the failure to uphold international law, the failure to ensure a population is able to live in peace, the failure to ensure that generation of children don’t grow up to the sound of war, the failure to listen, the failure to hear the other side, the failure to open our minds, the failure to see through each others eyes, the failure to walk in each others shoes, the failure to understand each other, the failure to simply reach out and talk to us, the failure to communicate directly with us, the failure to open dialogue, the failure to simply say “enough” is “enough”! The failure is not just on the shoulders of the Israeli’s and Palestinians but rather the failure lies in the hand of the world governing body, the failure of the United Nations in ensuring a population lives in peace, security, harmony, justice, without oppression, the failure to release our prejudice towards one another,  the failure to accept diversity, the failure of simply understanding one another as neighbors. That’s the failure of the world, the countries, the people, the countless number of oppression, the countless number of victims, the failure to look at them as people rather than just a number. That’s the failure of freedom that the world has not guaranteed the Palestinian people as whole world wide.

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Peace Agreement

What do you want as a peace agreement? I had an idea while talking to myself in the shower which I’ve been doing often as of late. The idea is simple, you have to look at the baseline for the peace agreement to start. The baseline for anything is mutual trust and security, the two are not mutually exclusive rather dependent on one another.

The idea of having a peace agreement without trust or security is like going to a gun fight with a knife. Who would do something like that? It’s not that complicated to solve this issue!

  1. Security for both sides need to be assured.(Both sides acknowledge that no one is to blame, just move on and settle this!)
  2. Jerusalem (East/West) either way its still Jerusalem based on 67 borders aka green line.
  3. Rights of Return waived in exchange for just compensation for all refugee’s and their descendants.
  4. Tear down the wall after assured security!
  5. No more settlements!
  6. Open up the borders!
  7. Job Creations through infrastructure development.
  8. Investment to foster education, sports, arts, business, and cultural trade.

Empower the people and amazing things do happen when you have a choice. And this case, there is a choice and that choice is settling this once and for all so everyone can move forward with their lives and start enjoying things.

As an American born from Palestinian descendants, I’ve lived with most amazing people, encountered the most amazing people, worked with the best, loved the best, but still devoid of a natural place to fit-in.  And that place where the heart lies, and that’s home. Home is still an idea that’s open to all where Racism, Fears, and Mistrust does not exist. Most places you go, those traits exists and are true! But life progresses on so does society evolve into utopia or does simply thrive into Silos? Silos don’t work at home, Silos don’t work in the business world, and for sure will not work in solving the Israeli/Palestinian issue. Having Silos is like one person telling the other communicate with providing the means of communication. You’re just deaf, dumb, and blind to see that the world watching the middle east and all eyes are on the Israel and Palestine to solve this one issue that’s fueled terrorism  around world.  Put the fire out with the water of peace and people with common sense won’t have any more excuses.

What are you waiting for?

Another reason to continue to the occupation!

If you don’t do this now, it’s going to continue for generation more down the road. And you have another lost generation of children who are robbed of their identity, culture, language, history, rights, and ability to experience the worlds most beautiful languages and religions in that region such arabic/hebrew/farsi/Christianity/Islam/Judaism to name a few.

The sad part of the occupation is that most of the issues are and can be solved through dialogue and not finger pointing, nor weapons of mass destruction, nor guns, just good old fashion true intention and honest dialogue.

Title 67

That’s the starting point folks, 1967 and then we can move forward with progress. 1948, out of the question, not possible, not feasible, not realistic, just uncool at this time of the century.  So when does the conversation open?  Whom do we trust? Is there mutual trust? Or is that just another false perception of the truth?

When do you want to start the fucken Peace Process? After we are all dead? Or when there’s nothing left to negotiate? When do want it to start?

Since 1967, countless of Palestinian families have lost their identity, their culture, their language, their heritage, their future to learn about one of most historical place on earth. The desire to learn, desire to teach, desire to inform, desire to be no-mads, and the desire for living in secure environment without worrying if you arise in the morning! Or not!

Every year, I attend some distant families wedding reception and the same conversation starts, “We are getting Palestine back in full one day” or “I’ll never sell my land to a jew” or “I have the same key that my grand-farther had” or some bullshit that’s very old school thinking. And the same story line with the same mentality,  and that way of thinking will not get you far. It’s only continued to fuel the occupation, fuels the far-right of Israeli’s society of how to perceives their Arab cousins on the other side of the wall and distracts the masses from the real issues. The real issues are the occupation, the right of return/ land rights compensation, civil rights, or even better “one state/two state” solution.

Come on already, some us just want to travel, enjoy the land, live in the land, develop the land, and become in one with the land! Get the politics out the middle east and maybe advancements will start moving forward. Lets start the conversation?  Don’t leave anyone out, don’t isolate us, don’t ignore us, don’t ridicule us, don’t kill us, don’t  underestimate our determination to solve this problem!

So when does the conversation start? 2067? Its 2016? How long does this need continue?

Enjoy Your Prison

That’s her last words to me before I disconnected the call. Yes I’m in the middle of a bitter  end divorce and then she lobbed those harsh words at me. Enjoy your prison and then I thought about it, compared to Gaza, I’m living life. So if the ex’s thinks my house is a prison, then I’m having one hell of a time.

Gaza on the other is in a prison that they can’t switch off. It’s just there in your face, daily, reminded, and occupied. Occupied with noise and distractions to deviate from the path of peace. Yet in the enjoyment of the prison, we learn to appreciate the little things in life like the surrounding natural environment and the wildlife. We become one and in tune with the habitats and collaborate to just get things done.  But the ex said “Enjoy Your Prison” and that I will.

Enforce #242

United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 (S/RES/242) was adopted unanimously by the UN Security Council on November 22, 1967, in the aftermath of the Six-Day War. It was adopted under Chapter VI of the UN Charter.[1] The resolution was sponsored by British ambassador Lord Caradon and was one of five drafts under consideration.[2]

The preamble[3] refers to the “inadmissibility of the acquisition of territory by war and the need to work for a just and lasting peace in the Middle East in which every State in the area can live in security.”

Operative Paragraph One “Affirms that the fulfillment of Charter principles requires the establishment of a just and lasting peace in the Middle East which should include the application of both the following principles:

(i) Withdrawal of Israeli armed forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict;
(ii) Termination of all claims or states of belligerency and respect for and acknowledgment of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of every State in the area and their right to live in peace within secure and recognized boundaries free from threats or acts of force.” [4]

Cost of Freedom

What is the cost of freedom? Who provides the cost of freedom? At what expense does freedom cost? Who sacrifices the path to pave the way for liberty and justice for all? Why is there a double standard when it comes to the Palestinian people? Why is it we Palestinians are always the ones to wait? Why are we the last? When will the doors of peace open up?

Why is it that the doors are always shut in our faces?




[48 Years (Salam)]=X

Since 1967, that’s how long we’ve been homeless. That’s how long our voices have been suppressed, that’s how long its been since a Palestinian was called “Palestinian” instead of  a terrorist.

48 years ago, the world witnessed one of the greatest catastrophe known to man where all the powers of the world conspired to rid the land of Palestine from its ancestral roots.  Yesterday, the world yet again witness the rebirth of the identity that’s known as being Palestinian.

The raising of the Palestinian flag is symbolic for the simple fact, it means we are still here. We are still persevering, we are still resisting, we are still under occupation, we are still the problem that no one wants to solve, we are still standing, and we will rise again as a nation, as a state, as a true partner, a true leader in the middle eastern world, we are the people of Peace (Salam).


We are the Palestinian People!

Man, Woman, Boy, Girl, whoever you are,

We are the children of war,

Grew up to the sound of terror,

Listened to music to mute out the evil world,

Yet the world is in our face,

And we accept it with Grace,

Where are you peace (salam),

The world needs you today,

We are still your neighbors,

Talk to us,

Work with us,

Live with us,

Play with us,

Go to the beach with us,

And let the sea set us free,

We are the people of peace,

Not people of war!